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American Property Investments, commercial ( and residential ) real estate investment group engage in the ownership, development, financing and management of commercial real estate.

Our approach is buying, renting-out, managing and selling for profit using a team of local and national professional partners and institutions.

Commercial real estate investing is nothing new; but our approach is.

Our experienced team is just as innovative as they are aggressive. We look for acquisition and development opportunities way beyond the “low hanging fruit” that provide our company with solid and consistent returns while minimizing risk.

American Property Investments strives to capture and cultivate our partner base by constantly evaluating our investment holdings. 

Is now the right time to sell?

Or is it the best time to buy?

What about holding property for the long term? Our partners trust us to take strategic positioning on our various commercial real estate portfolio, and our experience and dedication provides not only timely real estate decisions, but also a leverage that is profitable for a long term growth in the market.

Our investment strategy entails the identification of potential real estate investments through our various tested analytical parameters like economy, technological tools and societal developments, all of which identify real estate trends. Once a property is acquired, our asset management team actively work to maximize the asset potential by implementing stable leasing strategies, capital improvement programs and rigorous expenditure control.

At American Property Investments, we strive for excellence through teamwork. And our commitment to excellence is as a result of our passion for building wealth and delivering quality product and by so doing we create a pathway for delivering exceptional returns on investment.


Investment Strategy

American Property Investments operates on this strategy: we acquire, develop and operate commercial real estate properties in strong growth markets.

Through our hands on approach, we strategically acquire high-yield cash flowing investment assets which also offer long term capital appreciation.

Once an asset is acquired, we employ proven operational strategies and seek to immediately add value to the investment, we achieve outstanding risk management, and therefore increase our return on investment.

Investment cycle :

Stage 1: asset location and assessment
Stage 2: due diligence
Stage 3: acquisition
Stage 4: property management
Stage 5: property sale


This is the beginning of our investment lifecycle in which viable assets are located through our various network of professional associates, these assets are then screened through our tested investment parameters. We analyze the value-add attributes that the property possesses that will put us in a good profitable forecast.



We are particular about due diligence of the particular property under analysis for investment. Every checklist of due diligence is adopted by well-trained professionals, some of our checklists range from physical inspection of the property, unit walkthrough, lease audit, financial statement review and so much more. This helps us have first-hand information about the condition of the property.



Once the decision is made to proceed with purchasing the property, various steps are followed to close on it, like negotiation of terms and agreement, loan qualification.

Then the property take over by the group management team goes into effect.



An effective and efficient management team manages the property. They are focused on onsite management of property, implementing value creation, good cash flow disbursement. So many other tools are implemented to ensure capital preservation and appreciation at the time of sale. Periodic update via webinar with our investors on financial statement and asset performance report is done.



Our disposition strategy is executed after a time period when market indicators are favorable and profitable. During this process we get sales brokers involve who market the property, a buyer is selected and we proceed to negotiate and close. The final distribution of equity gain is done with investors.
However, within the necessary agreements, we also allow investors who will want to continue growing their passive income to re-invest with us in our next investment which may be 1031 exchange to a higher value asset.



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